AirVac 15

AirVac 15The AirVac15 is large enough to handle high volume production, but still has a small enough chamber to accommodate specialty small batches. This track loaded kiln is typically heated with low or high pressure steam.


Load Capacity:
15,000 Board Feet(35.4m3)

Loading Method:
Track Loaded with Forklift

Annual Production:
780,000 BF to 3,600,000 BF

Standard Dimensions:
40 ft. L x 6.5 ft. D x 6.5 ft. W

Electricity Demand:
150 kwh per day

Heating Capacity:
600,000 BTU (maximum)

Heating Options:
Propane, Oil, Natural Gas, Wood, Steam, Boiler Condensate

Average Energy Cost:
$20 per MBF (2.36m3)


Rugged 304 Stainless Steel Construction

Track Loaded :: Trolley and track included [bold on other pages as well?]

Touch Screen Human Interface

Wireless Moisture Meter, EMC, Wood Temp

Automatic Wood Condensate Drain System

Forklift loaded


230V, 480V, 575V | 3PH Power

Installation Indoors or Outdoors

Clean Water Connection (Soft Water)

Water Drain Connection

Compressed Air (80PSI)