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Fixing other Vacuum Kilns

Date posted: January 16, 2018

We don’t always fix other manufactures vacuum kilns, but when we do it usually looks something like this: TOUCHDRY controls to be installed on two 40,000bf Italian built vacuum kilns in British Columbia. Imagine what we can do with conventional Kiln controls!

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Virginia Tech Study

Date posted: December 29, 2017

A couple of years ago the smart people at Virginia Tech made a huge effort to study the application of vacuum drying in the wood products industry.  It proves the benefits out weigh the costs and it explains why so many are switching to VacuPress drying. Read the study here

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Merry Christmas

Date posted: December 26, 2017

Well that’s a wrap! 2017 was another record year for VacuPress kilns. Brand new operators are successfully drying truckloads of 4/4 lumber from green in 2 days using our patented EZDRY process. That means load it, hit start and walk away! Bring it on 2018! We’re better setup than ever to double our VacuPress12000 shipments […]

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