Vacutherm Services

Kiln Certification

Conventional Kilns, DH Kilns and Vacuum Kilns need to be certified by a third party for the accuracy of their temperature control system for export purposes.  The USDA has guidelines for any company exporting lumber or selling kiln dried lumber that will eventually be exported stating the kiln that dried the lumber must be certified
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Application Development

Have you ever thought about producing a great wood product, but you keep running into problems with Drying? We can work with you to develop new ideas and using our lab we can help you develop the drying processes that make those ideas happen.
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Remote Kiln Operation and Optimization

Many of our customers have seen energy savings and dramatic drying quality and speed improvements as a result of giving Vacutherm access to their kilns via the internet. Today Vacutherm in connected to and efficiently supporting customers around the world.

Kiln Drying Network

Our vacuum kiln network of can get your lumber dried in days instead of months. Contact us to learn more about how we can make your lumber drying process more efficient  or to learn about joining or kiln drying network.
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